Mês: dezembro 2020


Definition: (noun) Agitation resulting from active worry. Synonyms: fret, stew, swither, sweat. Usage: “I’m not going to get into a lather over this defeat,” said the manager. Discuss


Definition: (adjective) Filled with melancholy and despondency. Synonyms: low-spirited, gloomy, dispirited, blue, depressed, grim. Usage: He walked through the door with a glum, downcast expression, and I knew without asking that the interview had not gone well. Discuss


Definition: (noun) A petty misdeed. Synonyms: peccadillo. Usage: He had awakened with a terrible headache and a sense of some hideous indiscretion. Discuss


Definition: (noun) A very boastful and talkative person. Synonyms: braggart, line-shooter, vaunter. Usage: If I have to listen to that blowhard brag about his latest project for one more minute, I am going to lose my mind! Discuss


Definition: (verb) Lessen or to try to lessen the seriousness or extent of. Synonyms: extenuate, mitigate. Usage: There has been in the past no excuse, no circumstance, that could palliate the offense. Discuss


Definition: (noun) An automaton that resembles a human being. Synonyms: humanoid, mechanical man. Usage: I programmed the android to mimic my expressions, but something about its subtly inhuman smile leaves me, a scientist, unsettled. Discuss


Definition: (verb) Deprive of by deceit. Synonyms: bunco, con, defraud, diddle, goldbrick, mulct, nobble, rook, scam, swindle, short-change, victimize. Usage: I might be a thief, but even I think it is shameful to hornswoggle an old lady out of her life savings! Discuss


Definition: (noun) Very hard unsalted biscuit or bread; a former ship’s staple. Synonyms: pilot bread, sea biscuit. Usage: When we dock, the first thing I am going to do is toss the rest of my hardtack into the water and get myself a loaf of fresh, crusty bread at the nearest bakery. Discuss


Definition: (verb) Be a mystery or bewildering to. Synonyms: dumbfound, flummox, mystify, nonplus, perplex, puzzle, amaze, stupefy, gravel, vex, pose, stick, beat, get. Usage: An apple tree producing square fruit would undoubtedly baffle experts. Discuss


Definition: (adjective) Of great mass; huge and bulky. Synonyms: gargantuan, giant, jumbo. Usage: As we approached the city, the silhouettes of its elephantine buildings came into view. Discuss