Definition: (adjective) Capable of being shaped or bent or drawn out. Synonyms: tractile, ductile, pliant, tensile. Usage: I am not very handy with a chisel, so when I sculpt, I prefer to use malleable materials that I can bend and shape as I please.Discuss


Definition: (verb) To move from one place to another. Synonyms: go, travel. Usage: Unlike most other fish, seahorses maintain an upright position when they locomote.Discuss


Definition: (verb) To cry or screech like a cat in heat. Synonyms: yowl. Usage: Ever since the neighborhood strays chose my garden as the place to congregate and caterwaul, I have not had a sound night’s sleep.Discuss


Definition: (adjective) Stubbornly conservative and narrow-minded. Synonyms: traditionalist. Usage: It is no use trying to reason with your grandfather, he is a hidebound old man who will never understand your position on the matter.Discuss


Definition: (noun) Something that bulges out or is protuberant or projects from its surroundings. Synonyms: extrusion, gibbosity, hump, jut, bulge, protrusion, protuberance, swelling, bump, prominence. Usage: A roof, Richard contended, was a part of the edifice that the ancients always endeavored to conceal, it being an excrescence in architecture that was only to be tolerated […]


Definition: (adjective) Feeling or manifesting veneration. Synonyms: venerating, respectful. Usage: A pilgrimage is a reverential act, performed by reverent people.Discuss


Definition: (adjective) Suggesting the operation of supernatural influences. Synonyms: uncanny, weird, unearthly. Usage: An eldritch screech from someone—or something—in the distance sent chills down my spine.Discuss


Definition: (adjective) Small and remote and insignificant. Synonyms: jerkwater. Usage: I am leaving this one-horse town and heading into the big city to seek my fortune!Discuss


Definition: (noun) The property of being extremely abundant. Synonyms: profuseness, richness. Usage: The cornucopia of job opportunities overwhelmed the immigrants, who had come from a town with only one employer.Discuss


Definition: (verb) Provide housing for (military personnel). Synonyms: canton, quarter. Usage: The citizens who were forced to billet soldiers in their own private homes were understandably irritated by the imposition.Discuss