Definition: (verb) Utter a sudden loud cry. Synonyms: cry, scream, yell, shout, holler, hollo, call. Usage: The new mother breathed a sigh of relief as soon as she heard her newborn squalling.Discuss


Definition: (verb) Walk unsteadily. Synonyms: coggle, totter. Usage: The two elderly ladies were slowly doddering along, minding their own business, when a bike messenger sped by them on the sidewalk and nearly knocked them over.Discuss


Definition: (adjective) Having or marked by unusual and impressive intelligence. Synonyms: smart as a whip, brilliant. Usage: The brainy teen was surprised to see books she had read in fourth grade on her summer reading list for high school.Discuss


Definition: (verb) Pass by. Synonyms: glide by, go by, slide by, slip by, slip away, go along. Usage: A month has elapsed since our last meeting, so let us begin by reviewing the minutes from that session.Discuss


Definition: (adjective) Being in agreement: harmonious. Synonyms: accordant, agreeable, consonant, conformable. Usage: No one was surprised that the candidate’s views were concordant with those of the outgoing mayor, as the mayor had long been his mentor.Discuss


Definition: (verb) Wither, as with a loss of moisture. Synonyms: shrink. Usage: The heat shriveled the unwatered seedlings.Discuss


Definition: (adverb) In headlong and disorderly haste. Synonyms: wildly, rashly, recklessly, pell-mell. Usage: Montgomery cracked his whip at them, and forthwith they all turned and fled helter-skelter into the trees.Discuss


Definition: (noun) A jolly or merry mood, condition, or activity; gaiety. Synonyms: joviality. Usage: The genial festival of Christmas … lights up the fireside of home with mirth and jollity.Discuss


Definition: (noun) A low seat or a stool to rest the feet of a seated person. Synonyms: footrest, footstool, ottoman. Usage: He reclined in his chair with a contented sigh and put his feet up on the nearest tuffet.Discuss


Definition: (noun) A person with superior, usually specialized knowledge or highly refined taste. Synonyms: connoisseur. Usage: I may not be a cognoscente of art, but I know talent when I see it, and this painter has it in spades.Discuss