Are you good at saving money?



Hello, my name is Bianca and I’m from North Carolina in the United States. My question is, are you good at saving money?

And I would say that I’m much better at saving money now than I used to be. So years ago, it was almost as though money were burning a hole in my pocket and I just had to spend it to get rid of it.

There are other times though when I lived in places with a higher cost of living. So it was really difficult to put away a sizeable nest egg, to build a sizable nest egg. Now, however, I am much more self-controlled, much more self-disciplined and I earn more. So it’s easier to save and I would say I’ve gotten much better.

I actually enjoy it. I enjoy knowing that I have money saved away for a rainy day in case I need it or I have unexpected expenses. I also enjoy knowing that I have money socked away just in case someone else needs it and I can help them.

And I would say that a budget has really helped with this. Making a budget and sticking to a budget, as well as reviewing my finances regularly. Whether that’s daily or every other day or every few days.

That way I can see my trends in spending. I can curtail unnecessary spending. And I can also see if I’ve just been making foolish purchases. So yes, I would say that now I’m good at saving money. Thank you so much for watching this. And what about you? Are you good at saving money?